Photography classes

Eli Vega

We are happy to announce that professional photographer Eli Vega will be teaching photography classes and showing a slideshow at Fluid Meeting Spaces.

A photography class for point & shoot users and a class involving photo tips for DSLR users will take place on Wednesdays Oct. 12 and 19, respectively.
On Saturday Oct. 15, Eli Vega will present the photography slideshow titled “Colorado: Do You See What I See?” .

Eli Vega was born in Kane, Wyo. His photography style has been influenced by impressionist and surrealist masters such as Monet, Dalí, Degas or Cezanne.

Nowadays, Eli Vega spends his time shooting in and around Colorado and surrounding states and teaching photo art workshops and classes like the ones that will take place here at Fluid Meeting Spaces.

The cost of the photography classes will be $5. 

Join us and develop your photographic skills with the help of Eli Vega.